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Thursday, January 26, 2006
20 Years

On a lighter note, my bar mitzvah reception was 20 years ago today in the secular calendar, on January 26, 1986. The day before, I lained Parshas B'shalach (along with the very long haftorah) in shul.

At my request, the reception began at 12:30 P.M., so that it would not interfere with my ability (and that of the guests) to watch Super Bowl XX.

Ultimately, I arrived back home early in the first quarter, with the Patriots leading the Bears 3-0. I spent most of the rest of the first half counting money and watching the Bears crush New England on both sides of the ball, en route to a 46-10 victory.

I feel old writing this. It's been a long time since those days of Mike Ditka, Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, Richard Dent and Refrigerator Perry.