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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Ariel Sharon

I was about to write a short post about the Mets' trading away of Jae Seo to the Dodgers today, but all of that is very trivial in light of Prime Minister Sharon's medical condition. As I write this, at 4:42 P.M., there are reports that Sharon has suffered a major stroke and that Ehud Olmert is now the acting prime minister. These reports contradict initial reports that Sharon was not seriously ill. Regardless of our political sentiments, we must hope and pray that Sharon recovers and that the State of Israel flourishes.

UPDATE: 5:20 PM. It has now been confirmed that Prime Minister Sharon's condition is grave. That is bad enough. That Jewish extremists will soon be celebrating and attributing this to the Gush Katif withdrawal is equally disturbing and sad.

UPDATE: 1/5/06 - 7:30 AM. The reports about Ariel Sharon clearly do not offer very much cause for optimism. I wish I could post my detailed thoughts about Sharon himself and about the implications for Israel. Alas, I am leaving to the airport in a little more than two hours, and will then be without Internet access for more than a week.