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Sunday, January 01, 2006
It's Over!

The 2005 season is mercifully finally over for the New York Jets, who defeated the Bills at home today to finish with a 4-12 record. While the season really ended in week 3, when quarterbacks Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler sustained season-ending injuries and the team's coaches and players basically quit, the NFL required the Jets to play 13 games after that.

Today's win was quite impressive, since the victory was over the Bills, who jetsphan proclaimed to be one of the top five teams in the NFL. Indeed, jetsphan informed us that "The Bills will be the surprise of the NFL. They are stocked with young talent throughout their roster."

Somehow the Jets still won today.

Today was the first time I was hesitant about rooting for the Jets to win. It was obviously a game that was not at all meaningful, arguably less meaningful than the Jets' draft position. Ultimately, I didn't really root for the Jets to win or lose, I just watched the game fairly dispassionately and let it play out.

With the Packers and 49ers winning, the victory ultimately did not prove very costly, with the Jets now drafting fourth in the 2006 draft instead of third.

I'm pretty resigned to GM Terry Bradway and head coach Herm Edwards returning for 2006, but was amazed to read in this weekend's newspapers that behind the scenes Edwards is pressuring Jets owner Woody Johnson for a contract extension along with a raise from the meager $2 million a year Herm is getting paid.

Indeed, the Newark Star Ledger reports that "people close to" Edwards say that "Edwards is unhappy with a contract that has two years remaining and he wants an extension." Today's Daily News similarly reports that for Herm "it's all about the money," according to a "person who has known Edwards for years."

Fortunately, some sanity remains in the NFL, albeit not within the Jets organization. Today's Daily News also reports that "an official from another team, speaking on the condition of anonymity," said that Edwards' defense of his performance is "nothing but excuses." The official correctly stated: "Please tell me how their defense was impacted by injuries. They had their MVP, (Jonathan) Vilma. They had John Abraham. And Shaun Ellis and Dewayne Robertson didn't get hurt until a couple of weeks ago. They had all their best players."

The Jets should hire this anonymous official immediately.