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Friday, January 20, 2006
Jets Are A Mess

Yesterday, ESPN reported that Jets new head coach Eric Mangini would retain offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger. The report came as a surprise, since Mangini was expected to bring in a completely new staff. Still, Heimerdinger is fairly well regarded, so I was happy to hear that he would be staying with the Jets.

According to today's papers, however, Heimerdinger is quite unhappy that he is staying. For example, the Newark Star Ledger quotes Heimerdinger as saying:

"I'm upset because I came to work for Herman Edwards and I'm having to stay and work for someone not named Herman Edwards. Also, I'm upset because I interviewed for the (head) job and obviously I was third in the pecking order (behind Mangini and Mike Tice). So, I wasn't good enough for the job and I still have to stay. I'm not happy with the situation."

Heimerdinger's agent, said that Heimerdinger "is grossly unhappy."

The Daily News reports that Mangini may be forced to keep Heimerdinger and other assistants "because owner Woody Johnson doesn't want to eat their contracts."

This is pathetic. Johnson - who wasted tens of millions of dollars in the failed effort to build a West Side stadium - was fortunate enough that the Chiefs foolishly took Herm Edwards off the Jets hands, releasing the Jets from the two years and $4 million left on Herm's contract. Mangini has to be allowed to pick his own staff, or he will have no chance to succeed. If the Jets don't have confidence in Mangini's ability to find a suitable staff, then they should not have hired him as their head coach. And if Mike Heimerdinger does not want to be the Jets offensive coordinator, instead of engaging in pathetic maneuvers, the Jets should have reached a quick financial settlement with him, and move forward. The way things are going now, in light of this current fiasco, Mangini may have a hard time convincing anyone to join the Jets coaching staff, assuming that any decent candidates remain available when the Heimerdinger situation is resolved.