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Monday, January 30, 2006
Jets Coaching Staff

Today the Jets hired Brian Schottenheimer - son of Marty - as their new offensive coordinator. Schottenheimer is 32 years old, and his substantive coaching experience is as a quarterbacks coach on his father's staff.

While Schottenheimer would not have been my first choice, obviously new head coach Eric Mangini, who turned 35 last week, needs to hire the people with whom he's most comfortable. Schottenheimer has presumably done a nice job coaching Chargers QB Drew Brees. Let's just hope that Schottenheimer has a less conservative philosophy than his father, whose overcautious coaching cost the Chargers their wild card game against the Jets in last year's playoffs.

The Jets new defensive coordinator, Bob Sutton, is the team's former linebackers coach, his only coaching position in the NFL.

In addition to the age of Mangini and Schottenheimer, the fact that Mangini, Schottenheimer and Sutton have a combined one season of experience as coordinators and no head coaching experience raises serious concerns. In the long term, I still think the Jets will be better off without Herm Edwards, but I'm not too optimistic about 2006.