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Thursday, January 26, 2006
Netanyahu On Hamas

While Ehud Olmert consults with his political spin doctors (the same political spin doctors who advised Ariel Sharon to keep up a full schedule right after his first stroke), Binyamin Netanyahu had the following to say about the Hamas victory:

Before our very eyes, Hamastan has been established, the step-child of Iran and the Taliban. It's in firing range of our airport, our highways and cities. This has to be a day of soul searching because the writing was on the wall. The policy of giving land for free gave a prize to terror and a winning card for Hamas.

How are Olmert and Peres getting ready for this challenge? They are moving the fence 500 meters closer to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway (Beit Iksa). They gave more land to the Hamas state. Any land given to Hamas will give more of a front to fire upon us.

This is a new and dangerous situation. Sharon said he wouldn't let Palestinians in Jerusalem vote. Olmert let them.

There are still two months until the Israeli election, enough time for Israelis to reconsider their support for Kadima and bring back to office the only candidate who offers serious consideration to the strategic threats facing Israel. Netanyahu has shortcomings, but lack of substance - one with which he is frequently charged - is definitely not one of them.