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Monday, January 30, 2006
Omar's Follies

That I haven't posted in a while about the Mets shouldn't be taken as a sign of apathy.

I don't like the Mets' trade of Jae Seo to the Dodgers for Duaner Sanchez. But I hate the trade of Kris Benson to Baltimore for Jorge (5.90 ERA) Julio. Julio is apparently the latest incarnation of Mel Rojas/Manny Aybar.

Just like that, the Mets' starting pitching depth disappeared. Who will step in when Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine, or Steve Trachsel are on the DL, as at least one (and probably two) will be at some point in '06?

Also just like that, the Mets' two most effective relievers in 2005, Roberto Hernandez and Aaron Heilman, are no longer in their bullpen, replaced by Sanchez and Julio. Hernandez left as a free agent, while Heilman will move into the starting rotation.

The Mets still seem to be an overpriced team that will underachieve.