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Friday, January 20, 2006
Sharon's Condition

I'm an Israeli news junkie. I won't say how often I check the Israeli news sites; let's just say I check them very, very frequently.

When I'm away from home, I feel lost without a regular Internet connection. Even when I'm in Israel, I'm much further behind on Israeli news than I am at home.

During my recent vacation, I relied on CNN and Fox for reports about Prime Minister Sharon's medical condition. The reports tended to be optimistic, indicating that Sharon had been showing gradual but consistent improvement.

It was only when I returned home and spent time reading the Israeli newspapers that I realized that these reports were superficial, that the improvement Sharon was demonstrating did not necessarily mean that he would ever emerge from his coma, let alone that he was not severely brain damaged.

Since I've been back home, every night before I go to sleep I check the Israeli sites in the hope that there is an early morning (Israeli time) report offering some hope. Then I leave the computer and the DSL connection on overnight, and check again first in the morning. For the last few days, there haven't even been reports about Sharon, because there's nothing new to report. It's a sad sign that this morning, I felt a tiny surge of optimism merely by noticing that Haaretz had something new to report. Alas, the report was that Sharon would be taken off a respirator, but that there no signs that he would wake up.