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Friday, January 06, 2006
Short Update from Los Angeles

It's 8:45 on Friday morning in LA. The hotel at which I'm staying has been kind enough to let me use the computer in their "business center" for 15 minutes. There's a person waiting on line right behind me. I've used 7 minutes to update myself on Ariel Sharon's condition, and the next three minutes to check on the Herm Edwards situation. That Herm is about to leave the Jets is a very slight consolation at this sad and precarious time for Israel, so I won't write about Herm or GM Terry Bradway's apparent mishandling of the negotiations with the Chiefs. There will be another time to write about all of that.

In five minutes, I can't express any real substantive feelings about the Sharon situation. Mostly, I just feel profound sadness. While I didn't always agree with Sharon, the fact that he was overwhelming choice of Israelis to be their Prime Minister adds to the challenges about to face Israel. I've seen today's polls that indicate that Kadima headed by Ehud Olmert will easily win the election, but it's obviously too soon to take any polls seriously. I have doubts about Olmert, who I didn't like even when he took right-wing positions as Jerusalem's mayor and as a cabinet minister in the government of Yitzhak Shamir. I wonder whether Sharon's medical treatment was negligent, whether he went back to work much too soon for political reasons, whether, also for political reasons, he hesitated in going to the hospital on Wednesday night.

I've gone over my alloted time by five minutes, so gotta go. I don't know whether I'll be able to update again, but I'll try. Shabbat shalom to everyone, and let's hope for better news.