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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Spielberg: My Critics Are Fundamentalists

In interviews here and here, Steven Spielberg argues that right-wing Jewish "fundamentalists" are "angry at me for allowing the Palestinians simply to have dialogue."

I guess liberals like Leon Wieseltier and Alan Dershowitz are in fact "fundamentalists."

Spielberg also insists that his movie is factual, contradicting some of his defenders who have said that the movie should be seen as a drama based loosely on real events, nothing more. Spielberg takes this position in spite of continued Mossad denial that the movie accurately portrays events following the Munich massacre perpetrated by the PLO. The most recent Mossad criticism appeared in last week's Forward. The Mossad operative wrote that Munich "badly distorts the circumstances under which Israeli intelligence operatives assassinated Palestinian terrorists outside the borders of Israel during the early 1970s."

Contrary to Spielberg's premise, that Israel's counter-terrorism resulted in nothing other than increased Palestinian terror, the Mossad operative counters that "Israel's response, the assassinations, succeeded in radically reducing the intensity and saliency of the Palestinian attacks."

The Mossad agent continues:

The Israeli assassinations depicted in "Munich" are portrayed with near total disregard for the actual operational activities involved. The film, after all, is based on a book by an intelligence wannabe whose real-life hero, "Avner," is an impostor who never served in the Mossad...

I know of no case in which a Mossad operative had a crisis of conscience about these operations, which were understood to have the clear and immediate purpose of saving innocent lives... Needless to say, targets were determined and located through an extensive intelligence-gathering operation by Israelis, and not in the dubious way depicted in the film.

During the 1970s, none of us had qualms about "moral equivalency," an issue debated by the Israeli characters in "Munich." Palestinian terrorists were killing innocent civilians; in response, Israel was targeting only terrorists and the terrorist infrastructure...

The final shot in "Munich," of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, appears to constitute an attempt by Spielberg to suggest that America's response to 9/11 is in danger of applying force in an ill-considered manner. If this is Spielberg's complaint, he should find a different, non-Israeli metaphor to express it.

But I guess the Mossad agent is just a crazy fundamentalist - like Dershowitz, Wieseltier, and whomever else dares to criticize Steven Spielberg - who is angry at Spielberg "for allowing the Palestinians simply to have dialogue."