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Monday, February 27, 2006
Attacking The Apprentice Contestants

It's unfortunate that even before the premiere episode has aired, some frum people are already expressing criticism of Apprentice contestants Dan Brody and Lee Bienstock.

Of course, it's reasonable to be concerned that Brody and Bienstock could have placed themselves in a situation in which halachic observance is especially challenging, and that they will be portrayed in a light that will not reflect positively on religiously observant Jews.

But concerns are one thing. Negative assumptions are another, and they are unfair. And self-righteous premature attacks are especially inappropriate. Perhaps people are forgetting that these guys are real people, and that they and their families live in frum communities in the New York area.

The negative sentiments that some have expressed about Brody and Bienstock remind me of a meanspirited article about Tamir Goodman that appeared years back in the YU Commentator.