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Friday, February 10, 2006
Chabad, Putin and Hamas

Two months ago, The Jewish Week published a very positive piece on Chabad.

In the last day, I couldn't help but thinking of the following portion of that piece, an anecdote told by Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chabad's head in Russia.

Rabbi Lazar recalled that in a Kremlin conversation, Putin told him about how he grew up terribly poor, with neighbors who were chasidim. "They always made sure to invite him over. They served him supper. They helped him with his homework. Friday night they gave him gefilte fish and knaidlach," said the rabbi.

"He remembered," said Rabbi Lazar, "watching this Yid learning the Talmud and keeping Shabbos. He realized, not only were they kind to a child who wasn't theirs, kind to a child who wasn't Jewish, but they were kind to a child in a time and place when it was dangerous for Jews to do all that."

Thirty years later, said Rabbi Lazar, first as Leningrad's deputy mayor and now as Russian president, Putin has been "more than encouraging to Jewish rebirth in Russia."
(emphasis added)

Well, I guess it's good that Putin is encouraging the "Jewish rebirth in Russia," now that he's also encouraging the murder of Jews in Israel, not to mention supporting Iran's nuclear bomb program.

I guess gefilte fish and knaidlach only go so far.