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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Chad Pennington's Future

Media reports indicate that Chad Pennington's representatives have rejected the Jets demand that he take a massive pay cut, and that as a result he will probably be released in the next week.

More likely, both the Jets and Pennington's agent are posturing, and the sides will enter into real negotiation as the March 3 date for Pennington's $3 million roster bonus comes very close. While it's possible that things could spin out of control and Pennington is cut, it remains in the common interests of both the Jets and Pennington to work out a compromise. Releasing Pennington will cause the Jets to incur a $12 million salary cap hit in 2006, all but making it impossible for them to be active in the free agent market.

As usual, the media covering the Jets - still in denial that Herm Edwards who regularly leaked them sensitive information is finally gone - are complaining in their reports that the Jets are not giving substantive information about the status of Pennington's situation. I guess they expect the Jets to tell them something like: "Well, we're really bluffing quite a bit. The truth is that we have no other options with our terrible cap situation, so if Chad would just take a few million less, it would really help us out, and we'd be agreeable. Oh, and we absolutely must trade John Abraham, even if all we can get is another fourth round pick."

On a related topic, in a report in Friday's New York Post, two members of the Jets offense called on the team to release Pennington. According to one player, "He's like an egg back there. I mean, look at the ways he's gotten hurt. He hasn't even been hit that hard. The injuries have come from awkward hits and falls. I think we should just cut him."

If the Jets can figure out who that player is, he should be cut immediately. Scanning through the Jets offense, I can think of three potential candidates: Center Kevin Mawae, guard Pete Kendall, and tackle Jason Fabini. I can think of no other player who would have any reason to make a statement like this. If I had to guess, the players calling on the Jets to release Pennington were most likely Kendall and Fabini.