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Monday, February 13, 2006
Cognitive Dissonance About Amona

The first sentence of a recent post on Cross-Currents by Toby Katz demonstrates what is wrong with the right-wing reaction to Amona.

Mrs. Katz wrote: "In a recent post of mine, titled "Disclaimer" I wrote about the violence of Jewish police against peaceful Jewish protesters in Amona."

Peaceful Jewish protesters?

While some of the protesters may have been peaceful, most were not. It was quite a violent demonstration. Indeed, Rabbi Avi Gisser, head of Ofra, Amona's mother settlement, condemned the many who were rioting at Amona, noting that they even attacked Yesha Council leader Pinchas Wallerstein.

Any serious analysis about Amona requires understanding that contrary to what occurred last summer at Gush Katif, most of those protecting Amona were anything but "peaceful Jewish protesters."

That is not to excuse police brutality, but to acknowledge reality.