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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Fieldston Teaches Hatred For Israel

Much has been written about the situation on college campuses, where Israel is routinely bashed and portrayed as a racist, apartheid state. The situation is quite troubling, and one wonders how America's future leaders will view Israel.

At least one major New York City high school is making sure that kids need not wait for college to learn all about the evils of Israel.

The Fieldston School, a private school located in the Riverdale section of the Bronx with 1600 students - many of them Jewish - will be holding an "assembly" next Thursday at which all of its high school students and faculty will have the benefit of lectures from two Palestinian professors.

One of the Palestinian professors, Muhammad Muslih of Long Island University, will speak in favor of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The other, Mazin Qumsiyeh of Yale University, will call for a one-state solution, i.e. the destruction of Israel.

Lest one think that Professor Muslih is a moderate who is ready for peace so long as Israel withdraws from Judea and Samaria, think again. In a January 4, 2001 column in the International Herald Tribune, Muslih expressly rejected President Clinton's proposal for a peace agreement, because it would require the Palestinians to agree that refugees of the 1948 War could not "return" to Israel. While Muslih vaguely hinted that Palestinians would have to show flexibility on the number of refugees who could live in Israel, he insisted that Israel accept "moral and legal responsibility for the problem of the Palestinian refugees."

In a 2003 interview with CNN's Jim Clancy, Muslih said that Israel's security barrier "is very similar to the Berlin wall," that "the Israeli government is not interested in a peace process," and that "Sharon and Hamas belong to each other. They have the same agenda. Both of them are interested in aborting the chances for peace, but the party that really has the balance of the violence, the balance of terror decisively in its favor is the Sharon government."

Again, keep in mind that Muslih is going to be playing the role of the "moderate" at Fieldston's "assembly."

As for Yale's Qumsiyeh, he recently published an article in Global Agenda Magazine called 'Boycott Israel' in which he called Zionism "one of the worst colonialist and racist movements ever," said that "Zionists are pulling the strings and setting the policy of the U.S. government," compared Israel unfavorably to apartheid South Africa, and demanded a world boycott of, and divestment from, Israel. (There was much controversy relating to the article's publication because it was distributed at the recent World Economic Forum; the magainze ultimately apologized for the article and deleted it from its website.) He also recently called Israel "the only remaining colonial state with an exclusivist/supremacist ideology."

Qumsiyeh shrewdly rejects the notion that he seeks "the annihilation of Israel." Instead, he argues, he merely wants all Palestinians in the world to be made citizens of Israel and to be given the right to Israeli land.

Ultimately, Fieldston's inviting of Muslih and Qumsiyeh to speak at an "assembly" before its students and faculty is a disgrace. When extremists like Qumsiyeh speak on college campuses, they tend to be invited by pro-Arab student groups, and there is no requirement that students attend. In contrast, under the banner of "diversity," Fieldston is not only inviting Muslih and Qumsiyeh to present Palestinian propaganda to all its students, it is doing so in the context of an "assembly" at which attendance is mandatory.