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Monday, February 13, 2006
First Things On Charedi Demographics

The December 2005 issue of First Things had an interesting article (only recently posted in its web site) on the affect of the charedi birthrate on Jewish demographic trends.

The article is a very worthwhile read, but it has a major shortcoming of placing all Jews into one of only two categories: Charedi or non-charedi. As the article tells it, the charedim are having at least six children, while non-charedim are having less than two children.

If someone knows little or nothing about the Jewish world - and presumably that includes many readers of First Things, whose readership is largely Catholic - they would think that Jews are either charedi or secular. There is no recognition that non-charedi observant Jews (whether one calls them modern, centrist, or anything else) also have very high fertility and very low intermarriage rates when compared with non-Orthodox Jews.