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Thursday, February 09, 2006
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Orthodox Blog Takes No Awards

Perpetuating various stereotypes, Orthodox writer fails to nab any honors in the newest of new media.

NEW YORK – February 9, 2006 – The Zionist Conspiracy, a "blog" written by a traditional Orthodox sports fan, today failed to take honors in the Second Annual Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards, sponsored by the IsraellyCool blog and the Jerusalem Post. Assuring continuing portrayals of the Orthodox as technological Luddites who have banned the Internet, The Zionist Conspiracy finished in sixth place in the Best Series category and in eighth place for Best Politics and Current Affairs blog.

A blog, or weblog, is a web site built as an ongoing journal, enabling writers to communicate with web readers around the globe. It encourages informal communication rather than the carefully-edited articles published in mainstream media. The blogger at The Zionist Conspiracy, found at http://www.jschick.blogspot.com, posts his thoughts and insights on an ongoing basis, sharing his reflections on the Jets, current events, Israel, Jewish issues and the Jets with an audience reaching into the tens of thousands each year.

The Zionist Conspiracy was founded by Joe Schick, season ticket holder of the New York Jets and the New Jersey Nets. In Schick's words, "For decades, Jets fans were at the mercy of editors who were at best benignly tolerant of our team and our views. The world of the blog has changed all that." Joe Schick also noted, "the blog offers me the opportunity to communicate directly with the readers, unfiltered by an often hostile and usually uninformed media."

While the blog awards were a very informal measure of popularity, the margin of the loss still came as a negative surprise—and failed to provide The Zionist Conspiracy was much additional exposure.

Those who comment on The Zionist Conspiracy represent a broad diversity of views, dismantling the stereotype of the Orthodox Jets fan as single-minded without any internal debate. This is but one misconception that the blog rebuts; others are faced more directly.