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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Jets Update

Reports in today's newspapers indicate that the Jets are shopping John Abraham, that the Jets are continuing negotiations with Chad Pennington, and that they are talking with the Redskins about QB Patrick Ramsey.

The media seems to believe that the Jets will get at least a first round pick for Abraham. I don't buy it, unless the Jets also give up their fourth round pick. A second and fifth rounder sounds much more likely. Disgruntled players rarely bring back a first.

In any event, I am greatly looking forward to Abraham's departure.

There isn't much more to say about Pennington. We'll see how the negotiations end. If he returns to the Jets, minicamp in late March would be the first test of his shoulder strength.

I'm not a fan of Ramsey. Joe Gibbs knows a little about quarterbacks, and if he doesn't like Ramsey, that's a bad sign. Ramsey is sort of the anti-Chad Pennington. He has a very strong arm, but is inaccurate, makes poor decisions, and fails to quickly release the ball, resulting in too many interceptions. Perhaps Ramsey will prove to be another Vinny Testaverde, who improved enough to become a decent starting quarterback. Maybe the Jets think Ramsey's career could be turned around the way Drew Brees' was. I would hesitate to even give up a fifth round pick for him. My sense is that Ramsey would only be a slight upgrade over Brooks Bollinger, and would probably only be a one-year stopgap in case Pennington can't come back. If Pennington is healthy enough to start the 2006 season, head coach Eric Mangini will play him.