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Friday, February 24, 2006
Latest Israeli Polls

This week's Israeli polls are out and again they show little change from previous polls that have all indicated a comfortable Kadima victory. At most, polls show that Kadima has lost a couple of seats to Avigdor Lieberman's Yisroel Beiteinu party.

Nevertheless, the polls also show rather soft support for Ehud Olmert, and wonder whether the turnout of Kadima supporters will be as high as for supporters of right-wing or left-wing voters, who are more ideological.

For example, The Jerusalem Post's latest poll shows Kadima at 38-39 seats, with Labor and Likud both at a very distant 17 seats.

But the poll also shows that only 46 percent of Israelis believe Ehud Olmert to be suitable to be prime minister. While that number is higher than the number who view Likud's Netanyahu (36 percent) or Labor's Peretz (21 percent) as being suitable to lead Israel, it also suggests that some Israelis who would have voted for a Kadima party led by Ariel Sharon and will not support Likud or Labor, may still switch from Kadima to a smaller party, or not vote at all.

That likely won't be enough to stop Kadima from setting up a coalition with Olmert serving as prime minister, but it could significantly affect the composition of the Knesset, the next government's coalition, and the chances that Olmert can implement a significant unilateral withdrawal from communities in Judea and Samaria.