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Friday, February 03, 2006
Letter to the Editor

The Zionist Conspiracy recently received the following letter to the editor concerning postings by Joe Schick, its former blogger. We apologize to all those who Mr. Schick has offended:

Joe Schick's father is a wonderful man who sat Joe on his lap to watch the Jets back when Charley Winner coached the team and who taught Joe how to scream at the TV during the early Walt Michaels years, but Joe didn't learn anything from him about the Jewish prohibition against lashon hara. Everything he says about me in his "privately sponsored" blog is totally wrong.

If I had said that "any drive that ends in a kick is good," I don't think the Kansas City Chiefs would have hired me as their head coach. Nor would the New York Post, New York Times, and New York Daily News all agreed that I am a great football coach.

I will contribute $1,000 to Joe Schick's favorite charity if he can provide any documentation that I have "exalted playing to lose the game." Schick just made it up as he has the rest of his attack on me. It is precisely this kind of internecine personal attack that weakens the New York Jets at a time when it is under so much external assault.

Joe, learn from your father. He is a tolerant and wonderful man who would never accept your kind of intra-Jets sinat chinam.

Herm Edwards
Kansas City, MO