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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Super Bowl XL: Did Herm Lose It For Seattle?

Remember the delightful late 70's movie called 'Heaven Can Wait'? It starred Warren Beatty as a Los Angeles Rams quarterback who is leading his team to the Super Bowl, only to die in an accident. Given a second chance at life, Beatty's character is given a new body, that of a wealthy team owner, who then steps in at QB to win the Super Bowl for the Rams.

I couldn't help but think of 'Heaven Can Wait' while watching Sunday's Super Bowl. Was it me, or did the ghost of ex-Jets coach Herm Edwards (oops, Herm is still alive!) step into the body of Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren late in both the first and second half? Holmgren is usually an elite coach, so how else to explain his shockingly awful clock management? At the end of the first half, the Seahawks had time to run a few more plays, but bizarrely let the clock run down to settle for a very long field goal attempt, which was missed. Then, down 21-10 late in the 4th quarter in the final two minutes, they again took their time, constantly throwing short passes over the middle, not hurrying to get plays off even as the clock wound down, and ultimately letting their final drive stall with just three seconds left.

Let's just hope that starting next season, Herm reserves his services for the Kansas City Chiefs, and doesn't step into the body of new Jets coach Eric Mangini.