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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Why Is Gil Student Marginalizing Me?

Last Tuesday morning, I voted for this blog in the two JIB Award categories (best series and best politics and current affairs) in which it is a finalist. I was pleased to see that with about 28 votes counted, this blog had 22 percent of the vote in the best series group and 18 percent for best politics and current affairs, placing it in the top three in each.

When I next checked last Friday, I was stunned to learn that this blog was only garnering 4-5 percent of the vote. Worse, many hundreds of people had voted in the intervening three days, almost all against this blog.

Now, things are completely out of hand, with the tallying for best series appearing to be defective, and nobody knowing who has how many votes.

You may not think there's any importance to it. But someone does.

And that someone is none other than Gil Student.

Was Gil behind it? Absolutely not, in my opinion. First of all because he denied any knowledge of it, and also because if it involved any sort of ballot stuffing or other shtick, Gil would have no part of it. But it is unusual, at least, to have so many people vote for other people's blogs. Only an extraordinarily concerted campaign, one way or the other, could produce so many votes for blogs other than The Zionist Conspiracy.

So who is behind it? Likely some of Gil's overzealous students - members of the extended Student family, if you will. Apparently for close to a week they all have been at a computer lab late and have simply got everyone there to vote.

Why would Gil want to marginalize me? Well, it's no secret that Gil does not like sports. He rebuffed my generous offer to take him to a New York Rangers hockey game. He even dislikes football, especially the Jets.

Paranoid, you say? Well, then what to make of Gil's statement a few months ago about me, that, "I love his blog when he's not talking about sports." Imagine the uproar if I'd say that I love Gil's blog when he's not talking about Torah.

Since then, I've blogged quite a bit about Jewish issues and Israeli politics and current affairs. But I haven't stopped posting about the Jets.

One way or the other, I suddenly need your help to retake the lead that was mine last Tuesday morning. Please vote for The Zionist Conspiracy at the following links:

-Best Series (for Orthodoxy's Cultural Divide); and
-Best Politics and Current Affairs Blog