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Thursday, March 02, 2006
Big Day For Jets

Today will be a significant day in Jets history. The decisions made in the coming hours will have a significant impact on the team's success in the coming years of the Tannenbaum/Mangini regime.

It sounds as though the Jets will release Kevin Mawae and Pete Kendall. I disagree with releasing Mawae. Kendall is worth keeping if - and only if - he takes a pay cut.

The Jets also might be getting set to trade John Abraham. Today's Bergen Record reports that a trade of Abraham is "pretty much done."

The big question is what will happen with Chad Pennington. Most local papers are reporting that the Jets and Pennington will probably come to terms on a new deal at a lower base salary. My intuition tells me otherwise, that sometime today Pennington will be cut, ending his Jets career and leaving the team with $12 million in dead salary cap money. I hope I am wrong.