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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
NFL QB Shuffle

1. The Jets lost out to the Lions in the negotiations to land Bengals backup QB Jon Kitna. That's a little surprising, since Joey Harrington has been guaranteed the starting job in Detroit, whereas Kitna would have had a chance to depose Chad Pennington had he come to the Jets. Likely, Kitna's decision came down to more guaranteed money in Detroit.

2. The Saints have signed Drew Brees, which could open an opportunity for the Jets. Now that they have Brees, the Saints won't draft a quarterback with the second pick in the draft. If the Jets want to move up and take Matt Leinart, they could have a partner in New Orleans. That said, the Jets have many other needs and are clearly planning to build via the draft, so they should only move up if they are convinced that Leinart will be a star and if the price is relatively moderate.

I find it shocking that the San Diego Chargers simply allowed Brees to become an unrestricted free agent and just leave. Brees had two very strong seasons in '04 and '05, and now the Chargers will find out whether Philip Rivers, their first round pick in 2004, is ready to step up.

3. Nice job by the Dolphins acquiring Daunte Culpepper for a second round pick. If Culpepper is healthy, the Dolphins will be a real contender next season.

4. With Kitna out of the picture and the Jets showing no interest in Kerry Collins, who was cut by the Raiders, it's likely that the Jets will soon trade for Patrick Ramsey. Anything more than a sixth round pick would be too much for Ramsey.