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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Radio Interview Of Dan Brody

A friend sent me a link to a radio interview by Nachum Segal of ex-Apprentice candidate Dan Brody. Click on the Dan Brody interview, and then fast forward to a little after the 2 hour mark.

While Segal and an apparent co-host bizarrely tended to interrupt Brody, who presumably was the star of the interview, a number of interesting tidbits of info came out.

-Brody and fellow candidate Lee Bienstock did not get along. Furthermore, while Brody emphasized his own strict observance of halacha, he declined to confirm that Bienstock is Orthodox.

-Brody was fired on erev Yom Kippur. That's why he immediately looked at his watch upon his exit. Indeed, he rushed from Trump's boardroom to Kol Nidrei at Fifth Avenue Synagogue. The taxi scene in which he offers his final thoughts was not filmed the night of his exit. That would explain his cheerful demeanor in the taxi.

-Brody was provided with kosher food throughout the show, including food from expensive midtown kosher restaurants.

-He is not sure how he would have handled missing tasks on succos. He appeared to think that his teammates would not have accepted that.

Overall, in his interview and on the show, Dan Brody came across very well. He did not appear to compromise Judaism's standards, and acted as a mentsch during the show and after he was fired.