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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
September 12

In a post about the sad passing of Dana Reeve, widow of the late Christopher Reeve, Elster concludes that this is a reminder that "you are not going to live forever and your world can get blown apart in a manner of seconds."

Upon reading Elster's comment, I instinctively thought back to my experience on September 12, 2001.

Early on that afternoon, I checked my voicemail, expecting that nobody was looking for me, especially since I had hardly any work for nearly a year. I was surprised that not only was there a voicemail, it also was urgent.

Turns out that the firm I then worked for was representing Cantor Fitzgerald, the company whose offices were atop the World Trade Center's north tower. Nobody who was in Cantor's offices at the time the airplane crashed into the north tower survived.

There were a whole set of legal issues to grapple with, most of them quite tedious, and this work was to be my task for the next month. While on a very senior level one might feel as though engaging in this kind of work was a way of helping a company and people in distress, for me the work was emotionally draining and added to the misery of 9/11. For one thing, very shortly after getting this assignment, I learned from another lawyer on the project that a law school classmate with whom I had worked at another law firm had been at Cantor and was among the dead.