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Monday, April 24, 2006
Are A Thousand Posts Enough?

A couple of months ago, upon noticing that I had posted something like 935 times, I began to consider the idea of blogging until I reached 1000 posts, and to then close this blog.

I've previously mentioned that I don't think the quality of my recent posts is as high as I'd like, and that I feel that I've already covered most of the issues I want to cover and said most of what I have to say.

Perhaps more importantly, I just don't have the same desire to blog that I once had. With many eager new bloggers out there, I don't want to continue blogging out of inertia.

This is my one-thousandth post. I've decided for now not to close this blog, for two reasons. First, there are a few topics that I've never mentioned on this blog that I feel should be posted about before shutting down. Second, I don't want to retire and then, like many others, come back a week or a month later when I discover that I want to resume blogging.

However, I will almost certainly post less.

The topics that haven't been mentioned are Jonathan Pollard, Darfur and the Holocaust. I don't really have much unique or profound to say about any of them, which is why they haven't come up until now, but they're important enough to warrant brief coverage. I'll probably post about them in the next week.