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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Elster's Waffles

Elster, a blogger and a commenter on this and other sites, is a nice guy with a bit of knowledge about sports.

My gripe with Elster is that he changes his mind more often than Larry Brown changes the Knicks' rotation, and never acknowledges having changed his mind.

One day Elster loves Herm Edwards, the next day he hates him. One day, ex-Jets GM Terry Bradway did a fantastic job constructing the team, a week later he destroyed the team.

Elster even criticized my criticism of the Mets acquisition of Jorge Julio in exchange for Kris Benson, wondering whether I did not like Julio because he is Hispanic. No, Elster, I didn't like Julio because he has pitched terribly for years. Julio's ineptitude was on full display during the 10th inning of last night's Met bullpen meltdown, when he gave up 5 runs and couldn't finish the inning.

In his latest post, Elster, writing about the Rangers, states:

Can the Rangers make a serious run in the post season? That's debatable. Usually, one line teams can be shut down. And honestly, I don't see how anyone is taking Ottowa in a seven game series. That team is stacked.

Never mind that in February, a time when the Rangers were actually doing slightly worse in the standings than they are now, when I wrote that Ottawa was one team the Rangers could not defeat in the playoffs, Elster expressed disagreement with me, writing, in part: "I previously felt that Ottowas was the finest team in the league - and they crushed the Rangers earlier in the season. However, while I do not think the Rangers are the best team in the East, I am begining to understand that they have at least a shot at beating any [team in the East.] You need a great goalie (check) solid defense and back checking (check) and someone who can put the puck in the net (check) to win in the playoffs. Granted, I'd take Ottowa over the rangers in a 7 game series right now, but that doesn't mean the rangers CANNOT beat them in 7."

We'll forgive Elster's refusal to use Blogger's spell-checker. But how to explain his flip-flops?