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Friday, April 28, 2006
Jets Draft Preview

So much contradictory information has been emanating about the Jets that it is useless to speculate who they will draft. One report says the Jets want Mario Williams, another that they want D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Some claim that the Jets have no interest in Matt Leinart, others say that the Jets are quietly hoping that Leinart is not picked by the Titans at #3 so that they can select him fourth. There are those who believe the Jets will trade down a few spots to get another pick, and target A.J. Hawk or Vernon Davis. One report claims the Jets want to package their #29 and #35 picks for the Ravens pick at #13 to pick Jay Cutler if he is available. If the Jets keep the #29 and #35 picks, there are plenty of possibilities: a second tier quarterback, a running pack like Lendale White or Laurence Maroney, linebackers Bobby Carpenter or DeMeco Ryans, or offensive line help in the form of Nick Mangold, Max Jean-Gilles or Marcus McNeil.

Wasting time on mock drafts is silly. Instead, just enjoy the long shabbos day tomorrow, and then turn on ESPN to find out who the Jets picked (the draft will probably still only be in the second round when shabbos ends), whether the Rangers season is over, and if the Nets evened their series at 2-2 or are in a 3-1 hole.