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Friday, April 28, 2006

The following lyrics are from a song called 'Limelight' by the Alan Parsons Project. (Only the song's relevant lyrics appear below.) Whoever can explain the significance of this song will win a prize to be named later.

I can see the glow of a distant sun
I can feel it inside
Maybe this day could be the one

I can hear the roar of a distant crowd
They are waiting for me
Calling my name
Shouting out loud

Holding on isn't always easy
I ain't gonna change my mind

Limelight you were all I ever wanted
Since it all began

Limelight shining on me
Telling the world who I am

Limelight don't let me slip right through your fingers
There's a long way to fall

Maybe the role's not easy, maybe the prize is small
After all the years of waiting, I'm gonna show them all