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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
MJ Rosenberg Moves Up From Al Jazeerah

I thought that the Israel Policy Forum's MJ Rosenberg only submits columns to his friends over at Al Jazeerah, so was surprised to see his column last week in The Jerusalem Post.

Rosenberg took the position that those who oppose additional unilateral concessions are actually anti-Israel, because "it is one thing to promote policies that will help Israel achieve peace and security. It is quite another to promote war."

Obviously, Rosenberg's analysis is absurd. Israeli concessions have promoted neither peace nor security but led to a terror war, and those who oppose those concessions clearly believe that they will move Israel ever further from peace and security and cause inevitable war, with Israel weakened.

In yesterday's Jerusalem Post, Lenny Ben-David - who unlike Rosenberg actually lives in Israel (in Gush Etzion, which Rosenberg presumably wants to be ceded for a second time to the Arabs) - strongly took Rosenberg to task. Ben-David mentions that his oldest child "recovered from a terrorist attack six years ago without any physical scars," that his four sons fought in IDF combat units, with one in active duty today. He says that friends and their children have been murdered in terror attacks. Attacking Rosenberg's "appeasement" policies," Ben-David writes:

Sitting in suburban Washington, you have become a spokesperson for the "Appeasement Lobby," calling for Israeli concessions while sanctimoniously wrapping your misinformation in images of Israel's military cemeteries and the Holocaust.

Shame on you.

You attack hawks such as Daniel Pipes for sitting 6,000 miles away "constantly pressing Israel to fight rather than yield territory." But, when the appeasement lobby calls on Israel to make concession after unanswered concession from the safety of your 6,000 miles, you call that "promoting policies that will help Israel achieve peace and security." What hypocrisy.

Amazingly, instead of conceding that Ben-David does indeed live in Israel and that it's the prerogative of Israelis to decide how to best achieve peace and security, and expressing respectful disagreement with Ben-David's political views, Rosenberg responds harshly in a letter to the editor today, calling Ben-David "profoundly un-Zionist."

Rosenberg then arrogantly signs his letter from "Jerusalem (David Citadel Hotel)", as though writing from a fancy hotel on King David Street paid for by the Israel Policy Forum gives him the right to refer to a former American Jew who made aliyah and sent four sons into combat units in such a derogatory manner.

Now that Rosenberg has had his moment in The Jerusalem Post, we await his next Israel bashing column over at Al Jazeerah.