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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Post-Draft Disorder

I had high hopes for the NFL draft, and have a feeling of disappointment now that it's over.

Sure, the Jets significantly upgraded their offensive line. But they didn't significantly upgrade any other position, and passed on talented players who could have solidified running back and wide receiver. Maybe 2nd round pick Kellen Clemens is the QB of the future, maybe not. The third round picks left much to be desired.

Unless D'Brickashaw Ferguson is another Jonathan Ogden or Orlando Pace, the Jets will regret not going with Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler with their first pick, and probably could have traded down, added another pick, and still selected Leinart or Cutler. Then, they could have picked tackle Winston Justice in the second round. Justice fell to #38 because offensive lineman aren't usually drafted so high.

There was still lots of talent available in the third round, where the Jets reached for Anthony Schlegel and Eric Smith. Both Schlegel and Smith are good people who may become good players, but both would almost certainly have been available in the fourth round and beyond.

Eric Mangini stated today that the Jets want character guys. I'm all for character, but ability is pretty important too. Plenty of players have fallen far in drafts due to questions about character, and then excelled and been good teammates, if not quite choir boys. Laveranues Coles and Jason Ferguson were among the Jets drafted by Bill Parcells who fell significantly due to purported character issues.