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Monday, April 17, 2006
Worst Jets Draft Picks

As long as we're on the subject of top ten sports lists, with the NFL draft coming up soon and the Jets holding many picks, this seems to be a good time to recall some of the worst picks in Jets history. For purposes of this list, only drafts between 1980 and 2005 are eligible.

Following is a list of the Jets worst second round draft picks:

10. Glenn Dennison, 1984
9. Browning Nagle, 1991
8. Coleman Rudolph, 1993
7. Jon McGraw, 2002
6. Ryan Yarborough, 1994
5. Dorian Boose, 1998
4. Terry Williams, 1988
3. Alex Van Dyke, 1995
2. Rick Terry, 1997
1. Reggie Rembert, 1990

Following are the Jets worst first round draft picks:

10. Ken O'Brien, 1993
9. Bryan Thomas, 2002
8. Johnny Mitchell, 1992
7. Roger Vick, 1987
6. Dave Cadigan, 1988
5. Kyle Brady, 1995
4. Mike Haight, 1986
3. Ron Faurot, 1984
2. Blair Thomas, 1990
1. Johnny "Lam" Jones, 1980

Unfortunately, Lam Jones is seriously ill with incurable cancer. We wish him the best.

I realize that some will quibble with my inclusion of the drafting of Ken O'Brien. After all, despite having no pass protection, O'Brien was a pretty good quarterback for a late first round pick. Still, despite being intent on drafting a quarterback, the Jets passed on Dan Marino. The O'Brien pick therefore is included, albeit at a respectable number 10.

Also, while Dewayne Robertson appears well on his way to achieving a high slot in the dubious list of worst draft picks, he gets one more season to prove that trading up for him and picking him fourth in 2003 was not Terry Bradway's worst move as Jets GM.