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Friday, May 05, 2006
Avoiding The Elster Jinx

Following up on my post about The Elster Jinx, it is no surprise that unlike the teams that Elster and I are both fans of, the Nets have been winning, defeating the Indiana Pacers tonight to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Last week, after the Nets lost Game 1 of the series with the Pacers, jetsphan asked me who I thought would win the series. Without hesitation, I responded that I felt "Indiana will win the series."

In sharp contrast, if G-d forbid he were a Nets fan, Elster would, G-d forbid, have expressed confidence in a Nets comeback, ensuring their demise.

The Nets will be moving on to play the Miami Heat, who also advanced tonight to the second round. Clearly, the Nets have nobody to stop Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade, and as occurred in the playoffs last season, the Nets season will unfortunately end against Miami.