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Sunday, May 07, 2006
The Elster Jinx Strikes Again

Despite the havoc it is wreaking on the teams he purportedly roots for, Elster refuses to stop The Elster Jinx in its tracks.

The latest victims of The Elster Jinx are the New York Mets and pitcher Victor Zambrano.

Ten days ago, Elster ripped Zambrano, and it was hardly coincidental that Zambrano responded with his best performance of the season. The day after that game, Elster wrote a long rambling post celebrating the victory. When I asked Elster to stop posting what he absurdly refers to as his "good vibes," he stubbornly and thoughtlessly posted again to insist that he would continue to spew "positive Karma."

As if on cue, Zambrano started Saturday's game, injured his elbow in the second inning, and is out for the season. The Mets, having traded Kris Benson for the awful Jorge Julio, are now stuck with Jose Lima in their starting rotation.

Thanks, Elster, for another job well done.

We can only hope and pray that Elster will cease and desist forcing his so-called "good vibes" and "positive Karma" on the rest of us.