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Friday, May 26, 2006
More On The Quietest Rally

In shul last shabbos morning, an announcement was made about Tuesday's rally in Washington protesting Prime Minister Olmert's withdrawal plan.

I immediately commented to the two fellows next to me that the rally was a terrible idea, and that no more than a few hundred people would show up. They both expressed strong disagreement with my view that there would be a very weak crowd.

Until this morning, the only coverage I saw of the rally was a picture of the dozen or so Neturei Karta crazies who travel the world to express hatred for Israel.

Within a long report about Olmert's meeting with President Bush, today's Haaretz finally provides some information about the rally. As Haaretz states:
100 Jews from the political right stood and demonstrated against the prime minister. It was a pathetic, disappointing gathering, which reflected the situation of opponents of convergence.