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Monday, June 12, 2006
Ben Roethlisberger

For the third time in three years, a high-profile young professional athlete has suffered career threatening injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident.

First, it was point guard Jay Williams three years ago after his rookie season. Williams plans to attempt to come back next season.

Next it was Kellen Winslow, who hopes to return in 2006 after missing 2005 with severe knee injuries.

Today, Ben Roethlisberger incurred severe facial and head injuries.

There are the obvious questions, particularly why a star athlete poised to make tens of millions of dollars would risk his immense God-given talent by riding a motorcycle.

Obviously, Williams, Winslow and Roethlisberger never seriously considered the possibility of an accident.

Hopefully all three will be able to come back, and others will think twice before engaging in high-risk activity.