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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I went back and forth on whether to attend Game 6. Ultimately, I couldn't do it. I couldn't deal with the possibility of being there to watch the Cardinals defiling the Shea Stadium grass like the Yankees did six years ago. For that reason, I can't go to Game 7 either.

Nothing beats pitching duels. Last night's game was a classic, marred only by Billy Wagner's awful performance. Do any Mets fans still have confidence in Wagner? Right now, with the exception of Steve Trachsel, Wagner is the Mets least effective pitcher.

The key last night was John Maine's ability to get out of the first inning jam. If two runs scored there, Maine's confidence would have been shaken, and Chris Carpenter could have taken control.

Eric Mangini's five second rule should apply to the Mets. Momentum doesn't seem to exist in the playoffs. 18 years ago, the Mets won Game 6 against the Dodgers, but Ron Darling was awful the next night in Game 7 and the Mets were shut out by Orel Hershiser. Nobody knows what we'll get tonight from Oliver Perez. The offense will probably have to come up big, with more than four runs.

Tonight will be remembered as either one of the greatest wins or most painful losses in Shea Stadium history.