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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Jets/Mets Comments

I'm writing in the bottom of the 6th inning of tonight's Mets game. Perhaps to make the game more competitive, Willie Randolph left Oliver Perez in, and Perez has given up another two home runs. Seems like a good time to take a break to post.

Unless passing by Upper West Side bars counts, I did not see Games 2 or 3 of the NLCS, and also missed almost all of today's Jets game. So my comments will be brief.

For the Jets, while today's win came against another lower tier opponent, the bottom line is that they have defeated all three bad teams they have played. At 3-3, they are clearly a much better team than the one we saw in 2005. If the defense improves, a wildcard playoff berth remains an outside possibility.

Today, the running game performed decently for the first time, and Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles again hooked up for big plays.

The obvious big negative was the defense's blowing a 20-3 fourth quarter lead to allow a potential game tying field goal attempt. The Jets have been way too soft late in all three of their wins, as well as in their loss to the Colts.

If I get a chance to watch the DirectTV 30 minute replay, perhaps I'll offer more thoughts.

Next week I'll G-d willing be back at Giants Stadium for the Jets vs. Lions game.

As for the Mets, I'm still very upset about their Game 2 loss. When you score three runs off Chris Carpenter in the first inning, and five off of him overall, you had better win.

Willie Randolph's obsession with Guillermo Mota cost the Mets when Mota blew a 6-4 lead in the 7th inning. Billy Wagner's 9th inning meltdown was hardly surprising. Those who have followed the Mets know that Wagner has been hittable all season.

In Game 1, which I attended, Mets fans serenaded ex-Met Braden Looper with chants of "Looper sucks." That was bush league. Looper pitched well in 2004. In 2005, he was terrible down the stretch, playing a key role in the Mets late season slide, though Randolph's stubborn insistence on using Looper as his closer was no better than Looper's performance.

Overall, Looper was never supposed to be more than a stopgap for the Mets. He's a better than average (but not great) setup man, and a bottom tier closer. I always felt as though he worked hard and there is no reason for him to be an enemy of Mets fans.

While I'm all for trying to rattle opposing players, the chants of "Looper, Looper" (to the Red Sox fans' '86 World Series tune of "Darryl, Darryl") sufficed.

When did the Mets start playing "Sweet Caroline" at Shea? I don't think it belongs there. There's more than a bit of Sweet Caroline overkill at sporting events. Though I do like it late in close Jets games.

I probably won't be able to update for a few days, so assuming they hold on tonight, let's hope that the Mets can continue their momentum with a Game 5 win. I happen to be skeptical about pitching Tom Glavine on three days rest. Given their performances in Games 2 and 3, Mets fan cannot be confident about either John Maine or Steve Trachsel in Games 6 or 7, making Game 5 almost a must win.