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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Orthodox Blogs and Agudah

Several people have mentioned to me that the next Agudah convention, which I believe is the annual Thanksgiving weekend event, will feature as its theme, Orthodox blogs. I have no clue whether this is true or not. But I would love to be in attendance and hear the following keynote speech:

Gedolei Roshei Yeshiva, Chashuva Rabbanim, Morai V'Rabbosai.

I have been asked to speak on the subject of Orthodox Blogs. As you all know Agudah is opposed to the internet in all contexts, so this subject is a non-starter. (Speaker begins to sit down and then immediately arises and says... Just kidding. (laughter)

Yes, today we have the unusual phenomenon of Orthodox Jews participating in blogs. This has caused tremendous Bizayon HaTorah in many cases. And it is a very negative development in the world of Torah. Indeed, many a Ben Torah can be found commenting on some of these blogs. Who gave them permission?! Why do they not listen to Daas Torah about the internet?!... But I digress.

The key point which I wish to make is that are some Orthodox blogs that are quite enlightening. And their value to the sports world is immeasurable. I have been given printed copies of some of the discussion on the better blogs, those like The Zionist Conspiracy, Elstersworld, MoC, Jewboy and a few others, which have a tremendous amount of sports content which can be accessed at any time and any place. But more importantly these blogs have opened up a window to segments of Orthodoxy here-to-fore closed off to the world of Yeshivos. We now realize that there are a great many serious sports fans in all segments of the Torah world; and that being a Mets fan is a legitmate Hashkafa, albeit different than our own. Bloggers who use the internet for these purposes are making huge Kiddush HaShem on a daily basis.

And even those blogs which some people feel are fostering Apikursus by talking about issues like the "age of El Duque" are also providing a valuable service. After reading some of the discourse and debate on these blogs we have come to the conclusion that it indeed enables conversations between people with serious questions about just when Orlando Hernandez was born and knowledgeable Talmidei Chacahmim who have studied these issues within the framework of a vast sports and Torah education. Matters of faith and doubt regarding pitching Oliver Perez on three days rest in Game 7 can be aired out and addressed by many knowledge people in the context of an intelligent, if sometimes spirited and even heated debate. And this just scratches the surface of what some of the better blogs have done for Klal Yisroel.

As a result of blogs like The Zionist Conspiracy, we have come to appreciate these contributions and I can say with a clear concience, Kein Yirbu and may Hashehm grant Orthodox bloggers much Hatzlacha in all their future endeavors.

Thank you. (Polite applause turns to wild cheering as many in attendance remove their hats and jackets, take out their Chad Pennington jerseys and Mets caps hidden in their briefcases, lift them in the air and do a "wave".)