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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Shea Stadium and Prayer For Rain

It has started to rain in Manhattan, and it is likely to rain for much of tonight. That could cause tonight's Mets game to be rained out, or to be unpleasant to attend. Not good news for me.

18 months ago, I posted the following:
We are supposed to pray for rain, but I have tickets to the Mets vs. Marlins game in Miami next Thursday night. If neither team is rained out before then, the matchup is scheduled to be Pedro Martinez against Al Leiter. My four month old son - who has no idea that Pedro has not always been a Met or that Leiter for seven years was - already has his Mike Piazza jersey and is looking forward to attending his first sports event (pending his mother's approval, which has not yet been obtained). Must I recite the prayers for rain with sincerity?

At the time, Gil Student responded that "The parnassah of Jews in Israel is more important than sports." However, MoC explained that "This is BASEBALL. I hold you can daven AGAINST rain."

While I hold like MoC, it is fortunate that until Shemini Atzeres this Saturday, we are praying only for dew, and not for rain.