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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Week 7 Comments

I won't be able to post tomorrow, and, having made pre and post game detours to Brooklyn, am quite tired from today's game (I left Queens at 10:15 this morning and didn't get home until after 7), so will limit my comments to a few thoughts:

1. Is anyone still complaining that the Jets "only" received a 4th round pick for Herm Edwards? That pick was used to draft Leon Washington. While it's too early to declare Washington the heir apparent to Curtis Martin, he has revived the previously dormant running game.

2. I've taken a bit of flack for purportedly being "pessimistic" about the Mets, even though my predictions were exactly on target. Will anyone credit me for being "optimistic" about the Jets? I was just about the only person to predict that Chad Pennington would return healthy and lead an improved team, and the only person who believed that the Jets could compete for a wildcard playoff berth.

3. Today's Jets win was nice, but it didn't take away the sting from the opportunity the Mets blew. As I've written and as has now been demonstrated, the Tigers are beatable.

4. The Jets defense continues to play soft with leads. The offense picked up its play whenever the defense allowed Detroit back into the game. Clearly, the Jets will have a tough time beating good teams. On the other hand, if the Jets can win their games against inferior opponents and secure one upset victory, that might be enough for them to sneak into the playoffs.

5. We can criticize the lack of a pass rush against a team with poor pass protection (Jon Kitna was sacked 22 teams coming into today's game, but only once today), the poor coverage by the cornerbacks (Kevin Dyson being the exception), and the offense's failure to take advantage of two Lions turnovers. The bottom line, though, is that this team, which was 4-12 last season, has started off the 2006 season with a 4-3 record.

6. Next week's game in Cleveland is huge. A 5-3 record going into the bye would be a fantastic first half of the season. While 4-4 would still exceed preseason expectations, a loss would make the playoffs very unlikely.

7. I love that John Abraham missed another game today. He's now played in only two games for the Falcons.

8. I also love that the Redskins lost today and are now 2-5. The Jets have Washington's second round pick in the '07 draft.