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Sunday, November 26, 2006
James Chadwick "Rod Tilwell" Pennington

1. Even the anti-Chad, Jetsphan, surely managed a smile when Pennington did his best imitation of Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire, getting up from what seemed like a serious injury and pumping up the crowd. For the two minutes or so that Pennington was on the field, all of us thought his shoulder was badly hurt. Indeed, for all we know, Pennington's shoulder may be injured.

2. As Jetsphan aptly predicted, Pennington played very well against a porous Texans defense. Pennington's recent performance of playing well against bad defenses but poorly against good defenses is in sharp contrast to Eli Manning, who has not discriminated in his terrible play.

3. The crowd did an awful job leaving en masse with around 8 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, when the Jets took a 26-3 lead. The only good thing was that I was able to move over to the 50 yard line, a few rows from the field.

4. Last week a reader chastised me for focusing only on the Jets, not on their opponent. So I'll say something about the Texans: Their game plan was terrible. The Jets have had one of the NFL's worst run defenses, yet Houston abandoned the run very early, and passed 54 times.

5. For the Jets, it was a strong performance all around. Sure, the Texans are not very good, but the very fact that the dominant victory was expected shows how far this team has come since last season.

6. After a terrible start culminating in the loss to Cleveland, the defense has now played well for three consecutive games. The playcalling on defense has become a lot less predictable, to the credit of defensive coordinator Bob Sutton.

7. Mike Nugent finally came through today, kicking four field goals, including the late first half 54 yarder. Nugent's seven kickoffs were again uneven, but he did reach the end zone twice.

8. The only negative was the lack of a run game. Pennington was able to pick up blitzes and repeatedly get the ball to Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery, but unless someone steps up in the backfield, the offense will likely continue to struggle against better defenses.

9. Drew Brees had another huge game today, this time against the Falcons. If only Atlanta had John Abraham pressuring Brees...