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Thursday, November 09, 2006
The Larry Brown Settlement

As a litigator and as a sports fan, I must take exception to all of the simpletons in the media who state that the Knicks "only" had to pay Larry Brown $18.5 million out of the $40 million left on his contract and that the Knicks "saved" $21.5 million.

Not exactly. Under Brown's contract, if Brown was fired and took another job, his compensation from that position would be deducted from the amount the Knicks were to pay him. Under the settlement, Brown got his $18.5 million (on top of the $10 million he was paid for the 2005-06 season) immediately and unconditionally, and is free to take another job.

Thus, if, as is quite likely, prior to next season Brown signs a three year contract at $8 million per year, he will earn $42.5 million over the span of the last four years of his Knicks contract. Not only would he walk away with $2.5 million extra, he will get to enjoy a (very highly) paid sabbatical this season.