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A clandestine undertaking on behalf of Israel, the Jets and the Jews.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

I am pretty sure that it is time - probably long past time - to close this blog.

This is one of the oldest Jblogs, having been formed in May 2003. I have posted 1188 times. I have said at least 99 percent of what I want to say about Israel and about Jewish issues.

Even my sports posts are becoming predictable.

When I have a strong opinion about something, I no longer feel any need to blog about it. Indeed, blogging feels like another burden. I have enough burdens right now.

Until now, my reluctance to shut the blog down has stemmed from my awareness that almost all retired bloggers come back. Some come back within days, some only years later. But almost everyone eventually feels the need to write again, and returns.

I no longer think the likelihood that I will unretire is a good reason to continue blogging. Perhaps the Jets will make the playoffs, and there will soon be a flurry of posts about them. But for now it's time for at least a break.

Thanks to all those who have read and/or provided comments at The Zionist Conspiracy.