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Thursday, February 22, 2007
27 Years After The Miracle

Maybe being a sports fan is a silly waste of time. At the very least nobody can deny that there are many more important things in the world and in one's life.

Yet certain great moments in sports will remain cherished memories.

I didn't see the USA vs. USSR 1980 Olympics semifinals game, which occurred early on Friday night 27 years ago today. But I had been home sick throughout the 1980 Winter Olympics, spending my days watching bobsledding and the hockey victories, and my nights watching Eric Heiden's incredible five gold medals in speedskating. I was eagerly anticipating the game against the Soviets.

When I brought the Times into the house early on shabbos morning and saw the good news, I was happy and excited. But not surprised. Having recently turned seven years old, and not yet having suffered through decades of sports disasters, I had been naive enough to think that the good guys were going to win.