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Thursday, March 29, 2007
2007 Mets

Despite the manner in which the team's starting staff fell apart late last season, the Mets did absolutely nothing during the offseason to improve their pitching. Both their starting staff and relief corps are already shaky. Even with the emergence of Mike Pelfrey, the Mets have little depth in the event of injuries.

The 2006 Mets blew the team's best opportunity in 18 years to win a World Series. Opportunities like that don't occur every year.

Prediction: The 2007 Mets will satisfy Fred Wilpon by playing "meaningful games in September," but by October, it will be the Jets and the Rangers who we will be watching. The Mets will finish with a record of 87-75, in second place in both the NL East and the wildcard race.

Unlike a "big-time Jew lawyer" who is neither shrewd nor crafty, if my prediction is wrong (and I hope the Mets are a lot better than I am predicting), I promise not to repeatedly contradict myself and then deny having done so.

Let's go Mets, and let's enjoy the return of baseball.

P.S. This week's New York Magazine had an interview with a so-called "sports psychic." The woman stated that "The Yankees have the best fans in the world, but when they don’t win, they let you know it. Mets fans are happy all the time. "

Mets fans happy all the time? Huh?