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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Cathy Seipp

Leading columnist and blogger Cathy Seipp passed away today after a long battle with lung cancer. As I understand, she was 49 years old and was not a smoker.

Back in '04, when Protocols was handed over to Luke Ford, Luke would frequently write about his friendship with Cathy and her daughter Maia Lazar. As I recall, Robert Avrech at times also posted about his friendship with Cathy and Maia.

I have never corresponded with Cathy or Maia and was only a very occasional reader of their blogs, but when I read a while back about Cathy's illness, and in the last few days about her impending death, I felt much sadness for both of them. Perhaps that says something about the nature of blogging and the relationship between bloggers and readers. Perhaps it says something about my state following friends recently losing parents, spouses and children. Probably both.

Condolences to Maia and the rest of her family, and may Cathy rest in peace.