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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Michael Walzer At YU

Following the series on war and ethics in both the current issue of Tradition and the current issue of Meorot (formerly the Edah Journal), YU's Center for Ethics will be presenting two lectures by Princeton Professor Michael Walzer. On the evening of March 19, Walzer will lecture on 'Terrorism and Just War,' and the next evening, he will present reflections on last summer's Lebanon War.

During Israel's war against Hezbollah, Walzer wrote a noteworthy piece in The New Republic that was largely supportive of Israel's military actions in Gaza and Lebanon. In the past, Walzer, a leading supporter of Americans For Peace Now, has been both a vocal critic of some of Israel's policies - particularly settlement growth - and a strong defender of Israel against those who question its legitimacy - particularly NYU Professor and Israel-hater Tony Judt.