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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Post-Purim Drinking

Last week Jewboy offered his thoughts about teen drinking on Purim.

A topic that appears to remain taboo, however, is toddler drinking.

Following Purim, someone gave my wife a bottle of homemade chocolate liqueur.

We in turn, gave our babysitter some of the junk food we got, along with several bottles of Kedem wine.

Perhaps in a Kedem-induced stupor, the babysitter caused my 2 year old son to enjoy some of the liqueur.

My son does not like to drink milk. To encourage him to drink milk, we sometimes put a couple of ounces of chocolate milk in his milk.

This does not usually work, but occasionally it does. On Friday night, it worked very well. Before going to sleep, my son asked for apple juice. There was a bottle of chocolate milk conveniently sitting in the refrigerator, so we offered it to him. He accepted the offer, quickly drank the bottle's contents, and ebulliently declared "yummy chocolate milk!" and asked for more.

At that point, my wife wondered why my son smelled of alcohol.

Call me old-fashioned, but despite my son's enthusiasm, he won't be getting any more liqueur for a while. Not even on Purim.